January 24, 2024

Interview with Logan Landry | Landry Logistics

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Superior’s Client Spotlight

In today’s blog, we had the pleasure of sitting down and doing an interview with Logan Landry. Logan is the visionary behind Landry Logistics, a company making significant strides in the logistics industry. This conversation is not just about the journey of Landry Logistics but also a testament to the power of strategic partnerships, shown through our collaboration with them. Dive in as we explore the journey, challenges, and successes that come with building a logistics empire.

  1. Welcome to Macedonia! We’re thrilled to have you here. Could you start by telling us a bit more about your company – Landry Logistics and the services you offer?
    “Thanks for the warm welcome to Macedonia! It’s great to be here. About Landry Logistics and its services: Landry Logistics operates as a full-service brokerage, with a strong focus on full truckload domestic moves. While we handle a fair bit of expedited LTL, our mainstay is in construction and industrial materials. Of late, we’ve ventured into consumer goods like paper and office supplies. We’re also setting sights on expanding into the USPS market for mail and pharmaceuticals in the coming months. Our services span across various regions, with a strong presence in the southeast – Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia – but we’re not limited to these, we also cater to the needs of customers in Washington, California, Illinois, and the northeast.”
  2. We’re curious: How did you come across Superior Dispatch Service in the vast world of logistics? What made our company stand out to you?
    “I first heard about Superior Dispatch Service through Paul from Freight Caviar’s posts. Intrigued, I reached out to Paul, gathered some info, and then connected with Boris Panov on LinkedIn. The information he shared about your services, combined with the transparency during our discussions about pricing and operations, convinced me to partner with you. It’s been about eight months since then, and it feels like it’s been an amazing productive partnership from the start.”
  3. Choosing an international logistics partner is a big decision. What were the deciding factors that led you to trust Superior for your logistics needs?
    “The decision to go with Superior wasn’t taken lightly. In logistics, where pricing is king, finding a partner that offers competitive rates yet doesn’t compromise on quality is crucial. What really resonated with me about Superior was the operational philosophy and core values of Superior. Your approach of treating business like a family, ensuring a direct and personal connection with clients, rather than being just another number in the system, aligned perfectly with what we at Landry Logistics believe in.”
  4. You’ve been using our services for a while now. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this experience. How would you describe the quality and efficiency of our services?
    “Starting any new relationship comes with its challenges, and ours was no different. Initially, there were bumps, but these weren’t due to a lack of effort or knowledge. It was more about aligning our operational styles and communication methods. Once we got past that initial phase, it was smooth sailing. We found our groove, understood each other’s needs and expectations, and since then, we’ve been on an upward trajectory, adapting and growing together.”
  5. After visiting our operations HQ here in Stip and meeting our team, how has your experience working with us matched up with what you initially expected?
    “Having never worked with a third-party service before, I came to Superior’s Headquarters without any preset expectations. But any expectations I might have had were thoroughly exceeded. The professionalism, the warmth, the efficiency – it was all there. The communication, the way everything is streamlined yet personal, was impressive. It’s clear that Superior values direct and honest communication, and that’s something that’s been a huge positive in our working relationship.”
  6. Having seen our capabilities first-hand, are there other services we offer that you’re considering for future collaboration?
    “Absolutely. In our discussions prior to this interview, we talked about potentially utilizing Superior for our marketing efforts. The alignment in values and content projection is spot-on with what we’re looking for. Down the line, we might even explore your accounting services to help bolster our current operations here in the States. The idea is to eventually consolidate some of our external needs under the Superior umbrella, creating a synergistic relationship that supports our growth and expansion.”
  7. Your opinion means a lot to us and to our potential clients. Would you recommend Superior to other businesses in the U.S.? What would you say to them about your experience with us?
    “Without a doubt. I’ve already been spreading the word about Superior to a few industry colleagues. The leap of faith it takes to entrust another company with such visibility over your operations isn’t small. But with Superior, the level of service, the attention to detail, and the overall management is as good as it gets. It’s a relationship built on trust, professionalism, and mutual respect. For anyone considering Superior, I’d say go for it. They know their stuff, and they’ll work as hard for you as they have for us.”
  8. Additional comments or messages:
    “I’d like to emphasize that at Landry Logistics, our approach to logistics is about building strong relationships and treating our carriers and drivers like they are one of ours. We believe in giving a bit more and taking a bit less to create a more positive atmosphere in the industry. This philosophy extends to how we view our partnership with Superior – as a collaborative effort where both parties represent each other in the best possible light.”

 Our conversation with Logan Landry has been nothing short of enlightening. It’s a demonstration of how values-aligned partnerships can drive success in the ever-evolving world of logistics. Logan’s emphasis on relationship-building, quality service, and transparent communication mirrors our own goals at Superior Dispatch Service. We hope this insight into our partnership with Landry Logistics inspires similar collaborations, showcasing that the journey in logistics is as crucial as the destination. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more engaging content that showcases the essence of what makes us the preferred partner in logistics!