Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy provides general information for personal data processing when you visit the Superior Dispatch Service’s website.

Personal data controller

The controller of the personal data is the Superior Dispatch Service at st. Goce Delcev no.58, 2000 Shtip, Republic of North Macedonia.

Personal data is processed in pursuance of the provisions stipulated in the Law on Personal Data Protection.

Data subject to collection

  • Data for visitors on the site – navigation data (see below) that are used for analysis of the data from visits on our website, as well as for maintaining information security of the website. More for use of cookies can be found on our Cookies Policy.
  • People who request access to public information pursuant to the Law on Free Access to Public Information

Categories of processed information 

Navigation data 

When visiting the website, new logs are created for each visitor containing the following data:

  • IP address;
  • The device you use to access, type and model;
  • Your operative system;
  • Type of search engine, plug-ins and version;
  • Pages that you visit on our website and time you spend on each page;
  • URL of the page that transferred you to our website, and in some cases, the terms you used in your effort to find the Government’s website;
  • The language of the search engine;
  • The country from which you access (defined by the IP address).

The server logs are automatically deleted within 15 days, unless the circumstances impose to be kept longer, for example, to investigate a virus or malicious attack.

We individually maintain the servers and we implement all activities on the website internally, including the logs that are created and the analysis of data that are transferred from the visits on our website.

1. Data voluntarily submitted by users

The personal data collected from your visit on our website is the one that you provide voluntarily for concrete purposes, in order to enable our competence in pursuance to the law.

Example: name and surname, address, telephone, fax, e-mail and signature.

How we collect personal data

We collect personal data using various channels, such as:

  • Through your use of our website, including the application forms;
  • Via our e-mail:
  • Via mail.

Categories of users of personal data

We do not share data for you and/or for your visit on our website to with third parties, except in the following cases:

  • In case of engaging service providers, if the Superior Dispatch Service engages them as processors. In such case, they will be obligated to act upon the Superior Dispatch Serice’s directions and to secure protection for the personal data that are being processed while they provide given services.
  • Upon a court’s order, police or other bodies request for performance of their competencies, only if there is a legal foundation for it.

Duration of keeping collected data 

Data that are collected are kept in pursuance with the law and the period required for achieving the objective of the processing defined with deadlines for keeping personal data in the Superior Dispatch Service.

What are your rights? 

Your rights with regards to personal data processing are as it follows:

  • Right to be informed for personal data processing
  • Right to access to personal data
  • Right to correction and deletion of personal data
  • Right to limit the personal data processing
  • Right to objection

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy shall be amended appropriately to the amendments in the activities in the Superior Dispatch Service