July 5, 2022

Who will come out a winner in the talent battle? – Written by Dejan Gjoshev


What is the process in your “battle” for talents? How does your organization attract, retain and empower the right talent for the right position?

The people, their talent, skills and experience are the most valuable assets that drive innovation and creativity, and push the boundaries of business and the world as we know it. Our challenge is to identify, attract and strengthen key talents, or employees with the right education, experience and skills.

At Superior Dispatch Service we focus on setting clear and transparent goals, career plans and opportunities for our employees, encouraging a two-way communication between employees and management and prioritizing diversity. We do not limit career progression to managerial roles, instead, we have established a structure of a variety of job positions, with different responsibilities and daily challenges.

The global talent crisis is making it harder for us to recruit qualified candidates in the given field on a daily basis. Our solution at Superior Dispatch Service is to create effective tools for training, coaching and evaluating, thus reducing the effects of the talent shortage through pre-qualification. And, that’s our way of standing out in this battle of talents.

Together, we strive to look at this change not as a threat, but as an opportunity for collective growth and innovation. This, of course, requires ‘a new recipe’ for organizational culture and agility characterized first and foremost by empathy, flexibility, widespread knowledge and a creative financial mindset, with performance-based bonuses.

Most of our colleagues start from entry-level positions and later “climb the ladder” of success by upgrading the necessary skills, additional knowledge and work. For anyone who believes they can and are ready to become a team leader or gain a management position, we have implemented performance recognition programs and additional training that can make that dream a reality. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a practice for every department leader, professional academies for improving and supplementing formal education and a variety of professional online courses for continuous progress, are just some of the benefits that Superior Dispatch Service offers to its employees.

The best example of Superior Dispatch Service’s investment in its human capital is myself, as part of the Creative Hub Human Resources Academy. The academy helped me learn the crucial role of HR in any company. Through my own experiences, real examples from work and numerous worldwide research, they motivated and prepared me for the current challenge at Superior Dispatch Service.

The opportunity to learn from proven professionals in the field of HR, from whom I would single out Stefan Jovanovski, who “hooked” me into the profession during his lectures and exercises and helped me understand it completely, which later helped me transfer that vision to the board of directors at Superior Dispatch Service and all of our employees.

The commitment to retaining talent does not end here. We at Superior Dispatch Service also offer a private health insurance plan for all employees and their families, which includes the services of all private clinics in the state. No less important is the investment in indoor and outdoor gyms and playgrounds, where employees have recreational activities before and after the working hours. Health is important, today more than ever.

With this, we can say that every single member of the Superior Dispatch Service team feels like they are much more than just the sum of the company’s financial productivity results.

We believe that with these few examples we have presented you some of our key benefits and ways we have mutually increased our efforts to obtain and retain talent. We believe that this way we are paving the right path for creating a brand that will be a work challenge for everyone and a work culture that is appealing to both existing and new employees.