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Hi! We are Superior Dispatch Service

Hi! We are,
Superior Dispatch Service

One Company. Endless Opportunities.

One Company.
Endless Opportunities.

Superior Dispatch Service is a company that offers a variety of services within the logistics & transportation industry in the US.

What makes it stand out from the rest is the all-round services it offers, enabling carriers to function smoothly in the day-to-day operations.



8 years of expertise




Filip Mitev

Filip Mitev

Office manager
Aleksandar Milev

Office manager
Aleksandar Milev

High level of competence

Our experience and service lives up to client expectations.

Each client has specific needs in order to operate at the highest level. We at Superior Dispatch Service work around the clock to provide the highest quality service to our clients to help them succeed and grow. Our repertoire of services has proved sufficient to all of our clients to the extent that we guarantee you successful business should you own truck units only.

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March 2022
IT and Analytics
IT and Analytics

Two new departments find their way in Superior Dispatch Service, IT and Analytics.

September 2021
Corporate Accounting
Corporate Accounting
Corporate Accounting is formed and soon after opens the door to two more clients in addition to the existing three clients.
August 2021
Marketing department
Lead Generation project
The marketing department is introduced. A few months later, the team takes on the Lead Generation project, generating truck driver leads for the clients, making it the first company within North Macedonia to be doing so.
April 2021
Afterhours Department
New Department - Afterhours
The operations department extends the availability and the Afterhours department is opened, providing service around the clock.
February 2021
Brokerage department
Agreement for supplying one of the biggest store chains
The Brokerage department reaches an agreement for supplying one of the biggest store chains in the United States and with it, the team starts growing from 7 to 35 employees by the end of 2021, marking the highest growth since the beginning.
September 2020
HR Department
Foundations of the HR department
During this period, the company lays the foundations of the HR department, along with two other sub-departments: Recruiting and Retention.
February 2020
Team Reorganization
Team Reorganization
A new structure in the Dispatch team is introduced, where each team consists of four people assigned with different roles for a more thorough approach to planning and dispatching drivers.
December 2019
20+ employees
20+ employees
Superior Dispatch Service counts more than 20 employees, and consequently moves its premises to a new, modern and more spacious office in Shtip to this day. Following this move, the company grows by another department, Brokerage, with five employees.
April 2018
Amazon History
Headquarters moves from Skopje to Shtip
The office moves its headquarters from Skopje to Shtip, starting another department soon after - Maintenance. The fact that the company provides multiple services to carriers in the USA makes it the only one of its kind in Shtip.
October 2017
New Department
New Department
Six months later, another department follows, Accounting, tracing the road for the other departments that follow.
April 2017
The Beginning
Superior Dispatch Service First Office

Superior Dispatch Service lays the foundations of operation in an apartment in Skopje. As the name suggests, the opening department is Dispatch providing services to the first client with ten units.

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