February 23, 2024

Interview with Fihret Bekir

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What is recruiting and how could you briefly capture what this job requires in order to be successful? What are the key steps and considerations involved from initial contact to final hiring?

Recruiting is all about scouting for talent, connecting people and helping them out in choosing their next trucking company. It requires openness and a positive attitude towards every potential driver and shy away from everything you know or “you think you know” and just learn while enjoying the process.

The only key from the initial contact up until hiring is simple: “Just listen”. 

As a recruiter working for a dedicated client, what does your average day look like? Could you walk us through your primary responsibilities and how you balance them?

As I embarked on my new career as a recruiter I was set up to be a dedicated recruiter for Kind Transport. I must admit it was challenging for me at the beginning and as every human being there were moments of doubt in my mind. But it turned out to be a blessing. I was having the best of both worlds. I was proudly representing our company Superior Dispatch Service, and at the same time showing our client Kind Transport that we can provide their specific requests and adapt in order to serve them our best.
It was about showing them we’re not just another service provider but a partner ready to go the extra mile for their success.

What’s the most unforgettable chat you’ve had with a driver that perfectly captures the essence of recruiting drivers in the US market?

All the connections I have made along the way are dear to me. But what really sticks with me is how my approach evolved. At the beginning, I was all about the business side of things, talking up the financial benefits. Over time, I learned the power of listening. It turns out the more you listen to a driver’s needs the more trust you gain from the driver, and I can assure you that kind of a conversation will make him stay and drive for your company. 

In your experience, what qualities or characteristics make a candidate an ideal fit for the recruiting team? Any advice you would like to give to the future candidates who would like to apply for this job?

If you want to join Superior Dispatch Service,visit our website for an open position to apply, and when they call you just show up and bring with you your positive spirit, your honesty and your willingness to learn and let Superior Dispatch help you out in shaping your future career. 

You don’t need special skills and possess superhuman talents. Everything you need will be provided to you, you will learn and forget, win and fail, and you will see that not only you have become a better recruiter and a better colleague at your workplace but you will feel you have become a better person in your everyday life.

What inspired you to choose recruitment and how do you see the role of a recruiter evolving in the future?

I was ready for the trucking industry but I didn’t know in which direction my career would unfold. It turned out recruiting was the most suitable branch in the trucking industry for me. I am still learning and hopefully I will never stop learning in this field. I see recruiting in the future as a field that is the navigation steering wheel of every trucking company with bringing potential talents and putting them on the correct trucking seats. But I will let the future of recruiting be decided and shaped by upcoming generations.